Times Are Changing

I hate the word diet.

“Amy, you don’t have to be anorexic to be pretty.” This is what one of my co-workers said to me this week when I said that I didn’t want ice cream because I wanted to loose weight and get pretty. I agree that this may have been incorrect on my part. For as long as I can remember I’ve been the, “you’re beautiful no matter what size” kind of girl. And I believe it. But my co-worker’s comment made me think. I hate the word diet.

After I wrote my first entry last week I told myself I was going to work out and go on a diet. Then Monday came. I did well in the morning, oatmeal with nuts and fruit. But for lunch I had a buffalo chicken wrap. I hated myself  for the rest of the day. I had fallen off my diet. Then I thought to myself, “I hate that word”. It puts way too much pressure on something that can already be pressured filled.

Gym work outs, trying to get into the skinny jeans, looking the mirror after getting out of the shower for more than 15 seconds. It can add up. Why throw something like diet on top? I read an article on what are the best foods to eat in 2010. In the article that author said, “Don’t try to diet in 2010, try to eat better in 2010”. I thought this was a marvelous sentiment. Instead of trying to drastically change my eating habits, I’ll just make better choices.

Choices are a part of our lives. I choose to get up in the morning and go to work. I choose my outfit for the day. I choose to fully clean the snow off my car instead of making “peep holes”. And I choose to have oatmeal with fruit, nuts and soy milk. I am choosing to be a healthier me, I am choosing to make myself feel better about myself. It’s not just about looking good on a beach in 8 months, it’s about me being active in my health, and I like that word. So, here’s to health in 2010!

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