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The weight and see game

Over the past month or so I’ve been reading article after article on what to eat and how to exercise. Through all the articles that I’ve read I haven’t found any two articles to be the same. One says that you should eat six small meals a day, another says five medium sized meals. Crunches are useless, crunches work best. Work out three days a week, work out five days a week.

Could it be? Could we all react to working out and diet (health) differently? Some of us do really well with three days of exercise and lower the calorie intake. Some of us need to eat the higher calorie foods so exercise burns off those calories. Some people can eat whatever they want and do nothing else but are naturally thin. This is what I call the weight and see game. We are all players but the rule book is specific to each person.

It’s good to try exercise tips and healthy new recipes. We need to figure the best strategy to reach the finish line. I feel for me, that finish line will be my whole life ahead. For some one who lives two doors down it could be six months away. That’s their weight game, not mine. As of right now I’m  finding out that if I do eat healthy and work out five days a week I don’t jiggle as much. If I do leg lifts on the mat my pooch goes down. I still fall into traps. Too tired for home cooked dinners, invitations out to lunch and dessert cravings.

Most days I hate the weight and see game. Pick a card any card and see what happens. Do not collect $200 pay it towards fruit and veggies. And end up in a weight filled jail cell that you can’t figure the combination out to. These last few weeks though, I think I cracked the first number. Control. Control over myself and my environment. Ask anyone, I am a control freak. I have two binders at work with a million post its. I have two date books and if I go to the store without a list I freak out a little. I felt like my weight was something I couldn’t control and I hated it. Truth is I chose to give up control.

Not anymore. My weight and see game has changed. Call me Parker Brothers because I created my own game. Make your own game, take control of the cards and throw the dice. Name your weight game and know that there is always a finish line. What’s your weight game? How do you pass go?

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  1. * Elisa says:

    Paco, definitely a great take on this game. One of the hardest parts of getting into the fit and firmed mentality is finding out what works for you. Everyone seems to have the newest “fad” or idea that is going to do it for you…but that’s assuming that everyone is the same exact type of person and body type. Of course we’re not.

    My body (shockingly) is similarly built to yours…even with toning up and slimming down I’ll always have an athletic build. Never going to be one of those super skinny lithe and beautiful women. I’m always gonna be pretty in a completely different way. I can only hope that one day mainstream society appreciates the athletic and beautiful women as much as they appreciate the size 4 beauties.

    | Reply Posted 12 years, 8 months ago
  2. * Paul says:

    I love this post for all sorts of reasons. I commend you for writing it – maybe it will help others understand that not all lose weight the same. You have made the important first step – taking control. I still need to do that. Maybe you will be an inspiration.

    | Reply Posted 12 years, 8 months ago
  3. * pdiddy2 says:

    Love this blog. Hopefully others will see this and know that losing weight does not happen the same for everyone no matter what one does. Keep up the good work. It does show already. Maybe you will even inspire me to get back on the ‘treadmill’.

    | Reply Posted 12 years, 8 months ago

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