Times Are Changing

Motivation, support and bacon

Sure at a glance these three words may look a little odd together. You may be thinking, “I get motivation and support, but bacon?” True, this is odd, I admit it, but it will all make sense. My name is Amy and I like bacon. Now that I have that off my chest we can tie these pieces together. I’ve been healthy and working out for about a month now. I’ve been making better eating choices, work out as much as I can without going crazy and just feeling better. You’re probably now wondering, “How did she do it? What’s her secret?” Excellent question. For me it’s motivation, support and bacon.

For motivation I’ve chosen goals to focus on instead of pounds. I already tried that and let’s just say it didn’t turn out well. I’m going away in August to beaches and cute boys. In October is a huge Halloween party I want to look spectacular for. And lastly, I want to make it through a whole year of healthy living. I want to look back on 2010 and be proud of what I accomplished. I want to do more than complete a New Year’s Resolution, I wan to complete a new me. While these goals may seem far away, they keep me focused and motivated to do well.

For support I have friends and family. They have been amazingly supportive. They let me talk to them about my plans and goals and they don’t put pressure on me. I’ve been told, “So you only need a month to look gorgeous, you’re already there” to “I’m really proud of what your doing and who you want to be”. With these people and those words I know that I can do this, I know I can make it. Without them I don’t have a support net and I’d just fall through the cracks. To me, these people are everything and I am thankful for them and their support everyday.

Now bacon. Last week I had someone literally slap my hand and tell me, “No bacon. No bacon for breakfast. What are you doing?” How demotivating? I’m trying to make a healthier life, not do a 360 and give up everything I enjoy. That’s not me, that’s not the way I work. Bacon is to remind me that I can have bacon once and awhile. I can have chocolate in proportion. I can split that cookie with a co-worker. I can have my bacon and eat it too.

So that’s it. Motivation, support and bacon. That’s my combination for a happy and healthy life. Simple sweet and to the point. It may not be Einstein’s theory of relativity. But I’m not trying to win a Nobel prize, I’m trying to fit into high school jeans. What’s your motivation? Support? What’s your bacon?

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