Times Are Changing

Boys, girls and weight oh my!

Since starting my weight journey I’ve had a lot of support. I’ve been able to talk to people about my ups and downs of trying to slim down and tone up. Usually the girls I spoke to understood where I was coming from, boys understood but not fully. So I began to wonder if weight loss is different for boys and girls. Motivation, history, etc. is it all different for us? I did what I know best, I asked my friends. I asked six of my girlfriends and six of my guy friends.

I ask four question to each person. These questions were,

1.) What is the hardest part about loosing weight? If it is hard.
2.) What do you do for motivation?
3.) If you try to loose weight, why do you try to loose weight?
4.) What was the best moment in your history of trying to loose weight?

I was curious as to how each person was going to respond. I chose friends that had spoken with me at some point about trying to loose weight. The overlaying issue seemed to be that everyone found it difficult to loose weight. Found it difficult to keep motivated and keep going on their path. Body image was a part of at least one answer followed by concerns for health.

I had two friends who try to keep healthy because, well… they have to. These two friends know that they have to keep healthy because their lives depend on it. Which made me think that my goal of beaches in the summer was a small goal. I finally realized that maybe what I was shooting for wasn’t all that big. I’ve been very fortunate with my health and maybe that’s pretty great.

To come back to the original point. How weight loss is different with boys and girls. I thought that there would be a big difference because it seems that genders are so different in so many other aspects. As I read through response after response I realized something. We aren’t that different. With every response it was said that they were insecure when they weren’t at an ideal weight and that it was so hard to loose weight.

In an entry a few weeks ago I came to the realization that we all loose weight differently. But maybe just maybe, we all aren’t so different when it comes to the why. Whether it’s to loose 30 pounds by the summer or keep off 30 pounds just to stay alive. We all go through the same motions, up days down days, ideal weight vs. overweight and do you do it for yourself?

Maybe Mars vs. Venus isn’t such a showdown. Maybe we’re closer than we thought. Maybe the next time I talk to one of my guy friends about loosing weight I’ll remember that our planets aren’t so far away and maybe once and awhile we share the same moons.


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