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Breaking point

Breaking point. Two words that have so much punch. Think back on your life. Literally your whole life. Did you ever reach a point where you couldn’t take something anymore? I’ve been told by mothers that the had hit breaking points. This resulted in a “Mommy Day” where bubble baths and a quiet house were mandatory. Girls and guys who have hit their breaking points in relationships. The point in which they can’t act as though nothing is wrong and a huge problem is addressed and dealt with. Of course there can be small breaking points too. A breaking point in facebooking, you just can’t see one more Farmville request and block all invites all together. Even five year olds have their breaking points. Sometimes the waiting for the red paint just doesn’t cut it anymore. We all have had a breaking point in our life somewhere. For me I hit a breaking point with my weight, exercise and eating habits.

It happened last week. I walked past my gym bag again in the morning, I got greasy eggs and home fries for breakfast and I just went home after work and sat on my butt instead of going to the gym. I would just sit there and watch The Office and do nothing. On Saturday my roommate and I went to Target to go shopping for a few things. While we were there I decided that I would try on a couple bathing suits and a sun dress. I was standing there looking in the mirror, tears forming in my eyes, sweat on my brow. I had hit my breaking point. In a Target dressing room ready to burst into tears, I had hit my breaking point with my big butt.

I got out of the dressing room and thought a step further. It was the end of May… next June… then July… I’m going to North Carolina in July. I am getting so close to my goal date that a slight bit of panic set in. Am I going to look the way I wanted for my trip? How many calories can I survive on a day? Can I just live in the gym? Ridiculous thoughts that won’t help anyone or anything. Obsessing over loosing weight is as affective as the last three attempts to fix the BP pipe. Useless. So what’s the point? What’s the point of a breaking point? It seems so easy to get there. It takes a shopping trip to Target to realize it.

Is it really that easy though? I had these great aspirations to trim down and tone up since January. January. That was five months ago. Where am I now? Pants that I bought last month are a little tight, my shirts aren’t fitting the way the used to in a bad way and I’m just more tired all the time. I found out that my breaking point wasn’t easy to get to. It took effort. Effort to convince myself that not going to the gym would be fine. Effort to go get take out instead of cooking. Effort to get the cheeseburger at restaurants instead of a salad. Getting to this breaking point was a project in itself. But you know the secret to breaking points? The silver lining is that you learn something from them.

I learned that I can take my breaking point and turn it into my epiphany moment. My moment of clarity. My moment, mine. We all have breaking points, it’s what we do with these breaking points that define us. Have you ever had a breaking point? Have you ever taken a breaking point and turned it into your Oscar moment? Don’t let these points take the best of us, let them make the best of us. Who knows maybe after a few breaking points they won’t be a deal breaking moment but a deal making moments.

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  1. * Elisa says:

    Well that decides it, I’m definitely going to the gym tonight…

    I’ve started hitting a similar breaking point, in that I have to run 6.2 miles in about 2 months time and that is probably not going to be pretty. And we all know how important it is to be pretty when you are running 6.2 miles!

    So, as the roomie I vote no more take out, more healthy food (cept Sunday morning bagels and coffee) and gym + yoga time. Oh gosh, this isn’t cause I left a pile of waste in the living room after yoga this morning is it?!

    I have to do laundry and clean my room tonight too. Must. Appropriate. Time. Accordingly.

    | Reply Posted 12 years, 4 months ago

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