Times Are Changing

Priorities, oh how they’ve changed.

Priorities. This is a word that I’ve heard a lot in my life. Sometimes directed at me, “Amy, you have to figure out where your priorities are.” Sometimes while talking with friends, “I just figured that it wasn’t on my list of priorities.” Even in relationships, “I want to be a priority in your life. Not a chore.” No matter how you slice it, dice it and chop it priorities are things in our lives that we feel are important enough that we put them on a Must Do list instead of a To Do list. Personally, my priorities have changed. A lot.

Let’s take a trip back to when I was a young tyke. When my biggest bill was five imaginary cents for a mud pie. My job was making sure I brushed my teeth in the morning and at night. And my most dramatic relationship was between me and a boy in my class. Our biggest fight was over which Tonka truck to play with. Boy oh boy has time changed. These three areas of my life have changed drastically. A couple times over have they changed drastically. When I was in college my bills were actual bills. I had a job as an RA where other people actually relied on me. And my relationships have evolved past the Tonka trucks…although it feels much the same sometimes. So what about now? What about being a big girl has changed my priorities?

Well, let’s go through this methodically and logically… um… ok wait…. I can do this. Now that I’m a grown up my comfortable world of Tonka trucks and PJs to lunch are thrown out the window. I now have to ask my roommate if my pant/blouse combo goes together for work. My idea of play time is grabbing a beer at the bar, watching a movie and being in bed by 11 o’clock. Instead of looking at my pay check and being excited by the numbers, I start running through numbers in my head and figure out what has to be paid when. My priorities have changed a lot over the last couple years because I’ve changed over the last couple of years. Is it all bad though? Should I be upset that my priorities have changed? I say no!

True, I have an ulcer. True, some weeks Ramen Noodles and water are my dinners. True, I have to clean my own apartment. It is also true that I have the luxury of going home to my own apartment. It is also true that I can come and go as I please. And it is also true that I can decide what happens in my life. In order for all these things to happen in my life I first have to get my priorities straight. I had to realize that if I wanted an apartment to call my own I have to work for the money to pay the rent. If I want to go and do as I please I have to be responsible with my actions. And if I want to have real relationships in my life I have to take care of them and treat them with respect.

Priorities. A word that has brought fear to people and a sense or organization to others. A concept that seems so annoying at the age of 18 and a necessity after 21. It all sounds so complicated sometimes, but so simple at other times. “Get your priorities together”. Easier said than done? I guess it comes down to how much change you’re willing to face. Is that even a priority to you?

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