Times Are Changing

From ballet to burlesque

Well hello there.  It’s been about 11 months since I’ve written a post.  I have no excuse other than, life got in the way.  Work became overwhelming, I taught dance and did a competition, fell in love, moved and got kitties.  Some things have been a surprise and some things have been planned.  About three and a half weeks ago a new surprise came into my life and I welcomed it with open arms…kinda.

My beautiful sister Elisa sent me a link on Facebook about an open audition for a production put on by Vivid Motion called The Nutcracker Burlesque.  Yes you read that correctly.  A fun way to look at the much loved ballet the Nutcracker.  Take sensuality, rhinestone encrusted bras and ballet and you have the Nutcracker Burlesque.  The open audition was for anyone who wanted to have fun and didn’t mind a little shimy action.  At first I laughed it off and playfully thought what it would be like to have my family and friends see me in a burlesque show.  After the laughing and “what if” thinking stopped I started thinking “I should” and I did.

On September 11th I went to the audition.  My hair braided back, audition make up on and a leotard to suck me in.  My heart started beating a little faster as I filled out my audition sheet.  The thoughts of the choreographers looking at me and thinking, “this chica cannot dance much less do burlesque” raced through my mind.  I tried talking myself out of it but before I knew it I was on the floor warming up my legs.  Then someone started speaking and we as a group lifted up our arms to start a warm up.  The audition had started and so did the throw up in my throat (no worries I didn’t actually throw up on anything or anyone *thumbs up*).

Each choreographer did a section of the dance they were doing and we had to do that bit as our audition piece.  It varied from ballet, jazz, hip hop to Pussycat Dolls esque dancing.  The last one made me super nervous.  My whole life I’ve done ballet and I was about to step into a dance area that I’ve only done in front of the mirror at home…alone…with doors locked and curtians drawn.  I watched and learned the combination to “Pour Some Sugar on Me” and then I heard the words, “ok, I’m going to watch and have you guys do it”.  Showtime!

There was a part where on the floor you do a serious hair flip, body twist move.  I did it and a bobby pin went flying out of my haird because I flipped so hard.  As I rolled to the next step I yelled “oh sorry!” and I hear a choreographer say, “no it’s good!  Let them all fly!”.  I must say that made me feel a lot better.  Two days later I found out that not only had I made the show I was cast in five different parts.  I was so excited I told everyone at work that I was cast in a burlesque show.  Some took the news a little more awkwardly than others and then I began to realize, I was cast in a burlesque show, for serious.  

We had our first rehersals this weekend and I loved every minute of it.  I have bruises on my knees and my muscles hurt but I love it.  And ladies, I have never felt so confident in my life.  I haven’t actually taken any clothes off yet and I haven’t danced around in a bra and garder belt yet.  The thought is enough though.  Taking control of me and seeing for myself that I CAN give that “no, you come to me” look is possibly the best thing I’ve done.  I’ve gone from ballet to burlesque in the last week and honestly I don’t want to look back.  Of course I will always be a ballet girl, that’s in my blood.  But I’m pretty excited to say that for a little while I’m a burlesque girl too.


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